Collective Impact

Collective impact moves away from collaboration as usual, to bringing together cross-sector partners to create long-term systems change. 

The California Outdoor Engagement Coalition is well positioned to fulfill the backbone function in a collective impact model to connect youth with the outdoors. 

There are five main components to achieve collective impact:

1. Common Agenda: Committing to a shared vision geared towards solving a specific, yet complex problem (that can’t be solved with a single sector approach)

2. Shared Measurement: Tracking progress towards the common agenda, often with an evaluation partner

3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Our partners often work towards creating circles of engagement, in which all youth in a given organization, school, district or city, have access to life-changing opportunities over a continuum of their lives.

4. Meaningful Community Engagement: Partners are committed to engaging with each other in a regular and ongoing manner

5. Backbone Organization: Brings together the partners and supports the overall direction of the work

If you’re interested in engaging in a collective impact model in California to connect communities to nature please contact Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs.