Collective Impact

The California Outdoor Engagement Coalition brings together cross-sector partners for region-specific initiatives to expand equitable access to the outdoors. Our first initiative is the Richmond Outdoors Coalition.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Richmond Outdoors Coalition or engaging in a collective impact initiative to expand equitable access to the outdoors in another location in California, please contact Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs.

Richmond Outdoors Coalition

The Richmond Outdoors Coalition (ROC) is a group of cross-sector partners that collectively expand equitable access to the outdoors in Richmond, California.  The ROC was initially convened by a small group of cross-sector partners in Richmond May 2017, including the City of Richmond, West Contra Costa Unified School District, parks, non-profit organizations and the California Outdoor Engagement Coalition.

Vision: Richmond residents spend more time outdoors, reaping the many benefits related to health and wellness, social justice, youth development/resilience, education, environmental stewardship and the economy.

Mission: To expand equitable access to the outdoors in Richmond, with a particular focus on those who don't currently have regular access.

Initial Priorities:

  • Communications: A cohesive approach to sharing information with the general public about where and how to engage with the outdoors in and around Richmond.
  • Transportation: Increase awareness of transportation options to outdoor spaces, as well as work with transportation agencies and other partners to increase these options.
  • Outdoor Engagement Landscape Study: With support from the Outdoor Foundation, work with the Lawrence Hall of Science to create an asset map to understand the current opportunities for outdoor engagement in Richmond (and lay the groundwork for a “pathway of engagement,” in which Richmond residents will have ongoing, meaningful opportunities to engage with the outdoors)




Looking to get outdoors in Richmond? Check out this Map of Richmond Parks and transit!