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United outside

As many of you may have heard, President Trump's recent Executive Order directed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of 27 national monuments. Six monuments in California are under review: Berryessa Snow Mountain (2015), Carrizo Plain (2001), Giant Sequoia (2000), Mojave Trails (2016), Sand to Snow (2016), and San Gabriel Mountains (2014).

Across the country last week, people voted to protect our environment for future generations. 

On Saturday, June 4th during the 2016 Bay Area Book Festival, California Outdoor Engagement Coalition Director Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs joined the San Francisco Chronicle's Tom Stienstra, outdoor food maven Robin Donovan, and connoisseur of American camping (and grizzlies) Susan Snyder to consider the most effective, unusual, and satisfying ways to enjoy the Golden State's parks and wilderness.