CNR Magazine "Breakthroughs" has a Q&A session with the Institute's Jon Jarvis, Steve Beissinger, and Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs. *Photography by Jim Block*


Learn more about the success of the 15th Annual North Richmond Shoreline Festival, and the success of local park assessment and advocation in Contra Costa! **Photo by Surf City Project**

Please help us welcome the newest individuals and organizations who have joined the Coalition in the months of September and October. *Photo by Betty Lee of Wildlife Society at Davis*

This op-ed  is about the pervasive ignorance of global justice issues in the majority of American mainstream environmental communities. I call for environmentalists to be intersectional and critical of the societal structures that shape America and the rest of the world, and to take the time to educate themselves before calling for imperfect or false solutions.

Author: Jed Lee