Photo Credit: Serla Rusli, Richmond Confidential

Advocating for Our National Parks

We are honored to be co-signing this letter to members of the Trump Administration requesting that the National Park Service be granted an exception for the current hiring freeze. Our National Parks and NPS employees are essential for guaranteeing equitable access to the outdoors for all:

         "We, the members of the National Parks Second Century Action Coalition,
         write with alarm about the potential for the federal hiring freeze to undermine
         the staffing, protection and maintenance of national parks, as well as the
         integrity of the many local economies and jobs that rely on parks being
         adequately staffed. We therefore urge you to promptly work within the
         administration to ensure that the National Park Service receive a full    
         exemption from the hiring freeze and threat of a further reduction in
         park staff through attrition..."

Thank you to the National Parks Conservation Association’s Second Century Action Coalition for leading the charge on this effort and to many other organizations who have signed on including the American Hiking Society, the East Bay Regional Park District, the Hispanic Access Foundation, and the NPCA. You can read the full letter here.