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Actions to Save Our National Monuments (from #OurParks Greater Los Angeles

As many of you may have heard, President Trump's recent Executive Order directed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of 27 national monuments. Six monuments in California are under review: Berryessa Snow Mountain (2015), Carrizo Plain (2001), Giant Sequoia (2000), Mojave Trails (2016), Sand to Snow (2016), and San Gabriel Mountains (2014).

The public comment period for this executive order is open now and ends July 10. As of today, over 100,000 comments have been submitted.

First Step:

Please submit a comment on the Monuments for All website using this link:

  • Input your contact information and personalize the comment section (personalized comments are critical for the final comment tally)
  • Monuments for All is a non-partisan organization that plans to deliver public comments in bulk to provide outside accountability to the public comment process and count

Second Step:

Sign your organization onto Outdoor Alliance for Kid's (OAK) official federal register comment letter calling on President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke to protect our national monuments and all public lands for our children, youth and families. Deadline: July 6th.

Here's how to sign-on to OAK's comments:

  1. First, review the OAK sign-on letter.
  2. Next, sign the OAK letter by filling out this FORM.

Third Step:

Support SB 50!

California Senate Bill 50 (Allen) aims to give the state the right of first refusal for all land sales by the federal government to private parties. SB 50 passed in the Senate and will move to the Assembly floor for a vote soon. Take 60 seconds to call your state assemblymember to let them know you support SB 50 to protect all federal public land in California! Find your district's representative here.