Welcome Our Newest Members: Summer Edition!

10 Billion Strong is a leadership development organization focused on building a global community of emerging young environmental leaders working to advance sustainability.

Brian Kastl is a experiential educator, conservationist, researcher, and National Geographic Explorer.

California Outdoor Recreation Partnership's mission is to establish and power a voice for the active recreation industry to shape policy, direct investment, and engage a broader community of outdoor participants in California.

Call of the Sea is an educational nonprofit providing access to on-the-water field experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. We would love to host COEC on one of our sailing vessels for networking and a SF Bay field experience.

 The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department currently leads a Park Rx Collaborative with the goal of connecting clinic patients with park activities. We are interested in learning about othe Bay area efforts and networking with diverse partners to enhance our efforts and share our work.

The Sierra State Parks Foundation believes that our Lake Tahoe-Donner region California State Parks are unique treasures worthy of our support. We fund projects and educational programs that connect people with our rich cultural heritage and natural resources.

Web of Life Field (WOLF) School partners with schools and other organizations to help students and their teachers connect with nature, explore science, and learn about their role in the web of life through our standards-based science, history, and teambuilding programs in the outdoors. We are a mission-driven and student-focused non-profit organization that operates at stunning camps throughout California and led by professionally-trained naturalists committed to inclusive outdoor education.

Zach Pine is a socially engaged environmental artist connecting people with nature and each other. He gives priority to work that has high impact and advances equity and inclusion in nature connection.