A message from REI:  #OptOutside and Opt to Act Campaign

This will be the 5th year in a row when we close our stores, process no online sales and pay employees to spend time outside with friends and family on Black Friday. But as mentioned, this year we want to take #OptOutside further. We’ve seen young people demand action to address the environmental crisis. They see the environment and the future of the outdoors at risk. Of course we agree. This crisis threatens the next 81 years of the co-op and the outdoor places we love so much. So this year, in addition to opting outside, we’ll be urging members and partners, collectively, to opt to act.

On Black Friday, yes, we can and should enjoy the outdoors. But starting October 23rd and until Black Friday, we’ll also be increasing the volume on why protecting the outdoors is more critical than ever. Let’s put on our work gloves and all join the fight for life outdoors. As we approach Black Friday and plan to enjoy that day, the co-op will be redoubling our volunteer commitment to park and trail cleanups. We’ll be inviting members and partners to do the same. Here’s how you can participate:

  • If you have outings or stewardship events planned during the next month, consider cobranding them as opportunities to #OptOutside and Opt to Act.
  • If you don’t, consider creating a stewardship event to fuel the movement. We are collecting announcements, stories and links to imagery of Opt to Act moments here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7SS628K
  • Use the digital toolkit we’ve developed to share the message with your network: https://public.cloud-dam.rei.com/api/public/content/2230de2fd2b540b2b518199ef0691f02
  • When clicked on, the link triggers an auto download of a folder that contains the OptOutside overview PDF and digital image assets.
  • Help us promote the co-op’s 52-week Opt to Act plan. The plan will offer small steps all of us can take throughout the year to reduce our environmental footprint.

As individual organizations, our efforts go just so far. As a community, we can drive meaningful, truly cooperative action beyond our walls. Many people taking many steps together can add up to big changes. Will you join us?

Your Friends at REI Co-op